Non calor sed umor est qui nobis incommodat. (melanie) wrote in wahmamas,
Non calor sed umor est qui nobis incommodat.

New To WAHM (sort of)

Well, I'm not really working from home. I'm working from a *house*, but it's a house converted into a storefront and located on a commercial road. I just opened my shop two months ago, and now there's 18 days until school is out and I'll have my kids here, with me, allllll summer long for the first time in their entire lives (I've always worked full-time elsewhere for Da Man). I'll be needing to present a professional front for customers and put in full workdays, but I'm not sure how to juggle the kids so that they are well-entertained while they are here. We have a Gamecube and I'll be setting up a canopy around the private side of the shop so they'll have a shaded outdoor area to hang out in, and I have an office with a sofa and my daughter has a DVD player so they can watch movies and I have a H-U-G-E collection of art supplies here for them both and jewelry finding that I let them use and we go to the library weekly to load up on new books...and I do plan to bring them to the waterpark on days off and also to have us all ride our bikes to the store some days...but I'm nervous that I don't have enough ideas in place to keep them busy and happy here while I'm working. They're 7 and 13, by the way, both girls. Occasionally my mom-in-law will borrow them to go swimming at her house for the day, but retired doesn't mean Not Busy for her so most of the time she's booked up.

I'd appreciate some words of experience. Thanks. Oh, also, Hi! *waves hello*
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