Jess (owlsarentaholes) wrote in wahmamas,

Supplement your income by blogging

Hi Everyone!

I'm new here.  I'm a mostly WAH mama of two children, Rylie who is 3.5 and Ronin who is 5 months.  I write and do advertising work for a company called DiscountClick.

We just launched a new service called Blogsvertise, which is open to anyone who has (or would like to create) a blog.  Once you sign up and register your blog, you will receive tasks -- basically, you'll be asked to post entries in your blog about our advertisers, including links to their sites.  You don't have to endorse their products if you don't want to, simply talk about the site however you choose.  

After the entry has been posted for 30 days, you will be paid $10 for your time and effort.  Each entry you do is worth $10, so if you do 5 in one month, you'll make $50.  Not bad pay for very little effort.  

You can use  a blog that you already have or create one for free on a site like,, or any of the many free blogging sites out there.  

Go check it out, and let me know what you think!

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