Jag (jagnightwalker) wrote in wahmamas,

Hi everyone, I'm New!

And FINALLY able to post proudly about my accomplishments :) I was a former (14 yr) stay at home mom who started taking belly dance classes as a hobby, eventually turned career in the form of my own dance classes and performances. Before that I dabbled in various other things..a very successful custom baby quilt business, Avon for a month or two, artist teddy bears from recycled fur coats etc.

But of course, NONE of them were enough to live off of. I found this out after going through divorce and having no real work history. I finally landed a day job after 2 yrs of looking, at a nice company right down the street...one that I am proud to be a part of and would stay at forever if it weren't for the fact that I work better when I'm in control. I just don't know HOW to be a part of a "team".

Once I started that job, I realized I missed spending time with women (like I did with my dance classes) and decided to look into in home party businesses. Passion Parties stuck! I'm now at the point where I can seriously go down to part time at my day job...I'm making enough money to compensate and am far too busy to do everything all at once! I'm finally in control of my life, it feels so good.

So yea, I guess I AM going to be fully self employed before I know it and will be able to spend time with my babies (my day job goes till 8 at night) and actually make them dinner, it seems like a dream! Nice to meet you all :)

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