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I am a soon to be mom for the first time and have been searching for a legit job that would allow me to stay home and still earn money while taking care of my baby. I FOUND IT WITH AMERIPLAN!!!

What they offer:

* They are with the BBB
* They do pay DAILY
* They offer 401(k) benefits
* They provide full training
* The majority of our brokers make $200-$400 a week on a part-time basis.
* And our full-timers make over $500 a week
* We also receive the Benefits for FREE (Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic; not just for you but for your entire household!)

if you want more information please contact me here, via email [ or]
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I requested info from them but never started. Can U help me please?
i'm no longer doing it. they stopped offereing benefits in my area which meant i had to call people all over the USA instead of being able to put up fliers etc.
i hope you find someone to help you out!